The Ameritas GSI Disability Insurance Program at

Westchester Medical Center

Unisex Rates - 20% Discount - No Medical Underwriting 

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A Simple Disability Insurance Solution for Residents and Fellows


Protecting your income with Disability Insurance is important.

The Ameritas GSI Individual Disability program is the ultimate solution!

Program Advantages

  • High Quality Coverage 
    Policy includes own-occupation, partial disability benefits, ability to increase later, fixed premiums.
  • NO Medical Underwriting
    Residents & Fellows can obtain coverage without Medical Underwriting.
  • 20% Discount 
    Lock in the best discount now, and keep it after graduation.
  • Unisex Rates
    Additional savings for Women.

Policy Highlights

Policy FeaturesTraditional Individual
Disability Policy
The Ameritas GME
Disability Policy
Specialty Own OccupationTick mark icon pngTick mark icon png
Future Increase OptionTick mark icon pngTick mark icon png
Partial Disability BenefitsTick mark icon pngTick mark icon png
Cost of living adjustments (cola)Tick mark icon pngTick mark icon png
Attractive DiscountTick mark icon pngTick mark icon png
Gender Neutral RatesTick mark icon png
No Medical UnderwritingTick mark icon png

*Refer to policy illustrations for additional details

Avoid Medical Underwriting

  • With traditional individual disability insurance, over 55% of applications are rejected, declined, or offered with an exclusion due to a pre-existing medical condition. 
  • With the Ameritas GSI disability program, all policies will be offered without any exclusions or limitations due to a pre-existing condition or prior medical treatment. 



  • Take advantage of the simplified process. There is just no reason to risk it.
  • The policy is competitive to with other individual disability insurance carriers.
  • We will help you customize your coverage.
  • Insurance carriers have programs for large groups that can waive requirements. It’s simple, to attract a lot of customers, they are willing to reduce the application requirements.
  • We partnered with Ameritas, an industry leading disability insurance carrier with more than 20 programs for residents and fellows, just like this, around the country.
  • This provides the residents and fellows at eligable institutions the ability to get a top-quality disability insurance policy without a hassle.
  • You must be a resident or fellow at Westcheser Medical Center or Mount Sinai Hospital (including affiliated locations) and actively at work.
  • You cannot have been recently been declined for individual disability insurance.
  • Ameritas partnered with Specialized Disability Insurance Services to facilitiate enrollment in this program. 
  • Consult with a representative from Specialized Disability Insurance Services to understand the program and obtain your quote.

Specialized Disability Insurance

Specialized disability insurance services is an independent financial services firm focused on helping physicians obtain the best disability insurance and achieve long term financial success.  

Specialized Disability Insurance Services is the endorsed broker for the Ameritas guaranteed issue Individual Disability program at select institutions.  

Founded in 1887 in Lincoln Nebraska, they are recognized as one of the best Individual Disability Insurance companies, Ameritas Disability Income Insurance goes to work when you can’t. Ameritas offers the options and flexibility to build income protection based on your needs. Control the cost and coverage of your policy by customizing your protection with optional riders. They are also one of the leaders in offering Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance to Hospital Residency Programs in the US.